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Volunteering Opportunities at Be the Change - Kenya

Be the Change - Kenya (BTCKE) exists to create sustainable solutions for children living in poverty through the development of local leaders and the strengthening of local institutions

Join the BTCKE Local Advisory Network

Strengthen local children’s institutions by donating your professional skills.

Looking for an impactful way of addressing child poverty in Kenya?

Want to do more than make a simple donation?

Join our Local Advisory Network.

The Local Advisory Network is a group of experienced professionals (young and old) who donate their skills to strengthen local institutions who work with children living in poverty.

It’s an opportunity to join a network of people committed to creating longterm solutions to child poverty in Kenya. Not to mention, it’s a great way to meet other professionals with shared interests.

Members of the Local Advisory Network work with children’s institutions as:
  • Consultants: Coach organizations on short‐term projects from website design, creating marketing campaigns, setting up systems, to volunteer supervision, and record keeping.
  • Mentors: Commit to build a year‐long relationship with a director of a children’s home. Advise on matters pertaining to the institution’s organizational issues.
  • Facilitators: Lead trainings attended by the directors of our partner organizations.
Trainings are based on capacity building and the weekly topics emerge from the needs of our partners. (Examples: Social work, HIV/AIDS, Monitoring and Evaluation, etc).

We believe long-term change starts with strong local organizations.

To this end, we work with professionals from Nairobi and surrounding communities who build the capacity of local organizations by donating their professional skills.

We are looking for professionals from all walks of life:
  • Accountants,
  • Computer Scientists,
  • Engineers,
  • Communications Specialists,
  • Counselors,
  • Social Workers,
  • Marketing and Public Relations Managers,
  • NGO Managers,
  • Entrepreneurs,
  • Doctors.
How to join: send an email to with your resume, available time commitment, and a brief explanation about why you want to be a part of our network.


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